Loy's Pools is a fiberglass pool builder in Knox County, Tennessee

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Fiberglass pool installation in Knox County, Tennessee, and surrounding areas.

Serving Maryville, Tennessee, and contiguous areas, we are authorized contractors operating a turn-key business where all the work is done in-house. As a design+build company, we plant the seeds to produce the best curb appeal. Our experience as a custom landscape design+build firm allows us to excel at incorporating the best amenities around your fiberglass pool. This translates to a picturesque setting that everyone will admire and that you will get to enjoy for years to come.

Meet the Loy’s Pools Team

Thomas Loy, President

Thomas Loy

Hayden McBride of Loy's Pools

Hayden McBride
Operations Manager

Jake Amburgey Head of Sales & Design

Jake Amburgey
Head of Sales & Design

Bringing outdoor beauty to Knox County, Tennessee.

Where everything is well designed and well built.

What started as a lawn mowing venture while he was still in high school has evolved into a full-scale outdoor construction and landscape business. Owner Thomas Loy was just a teenager when he cut grass with a push mower before eventually graduating to a zero-turn power machine. This was just his way of making side cash while in high school. But grander dreams prevailed.

His passion for doing quality work and his interest in running a business inspired him to continue his lawn care aspirations. He soon had a client base of 50+ lawns. Because of his solid work ethic and commitment to customer satisfaction, Loy expanded his operations to include landscaping and various outdoor living projects.

Loy did seek expertise from other professionals in the industry, asking questions and honing his passion. He also learned about hardscape design by taking various training courses in this arena. By 2022, Loy had secured his general contractor’s license and has seen his business gain considerable traction with each passing year.

His innate desire to produce quality outdoor projects led Loy to pursue backyard pool installations. This is the perfect complement to his expertise in both landscape and hardscape elements of design. Loy has surrounded himself with a stellar team of hard-working, roll-up-your sleeves and wipe the sweat from your brow kind of people. Their combined talents, expertise, and passion for their craft seamlessly translate to the best in fiberglass inground backyard pool designs and installations in and around Knox County, Tennessee.

A fiberglass pool instllation by Loy's Pools of Knox County

Clear expectations with no surprises.

Raising the bar for service and style.

Loy’s Pools holds itself to rigidly high standards when it comes to craftsmanship and customer service. We are big on the design portion of every project. We demand of ourselves a very thorough and intentional approach to ensure everything is right. Therefore, we put a lot of thought into the overview of the design, taking into full consideration everything that needs to be accounted for with each project. As a result, we eliminate the element of surprise and can set very clear expectations right from the start.

Our dedicated team of expert pool builders.

Well-versed in all aspects of the trade.

As leaders in quality outdoor construction, all of our team members have experience in every element of planning, designing, construction, and implementation. Through the application of creative and exciting designs, we focus on highlighting the beauty of your spaces so you can enjoy your own private paradise every day.

A fiberglass pool installation in Knox Country, TN by Loy's Pools
Pool installation services area of Loy's Pools, a local fiberglass pool installer in Maryville, TN

A broad service area.

With a home base in Maryville, TN, we service the following areas:

We proudly serve all portions of Knox County and all surrounding areas.